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This page lists all comic book titles.

Title Category Issues
X-Men: Curse of the Mutants - X-Men Vs. Vampires One-shot 1
X-Men: Deadly Genesis Limited Series 5
X-Men: Declassified One-shot 1
X-Men: Divided We Stand Limited Series 1
X-Men: Earth's Mutant Heroes One-shot 1
X-Men Endangered Species One-shot 1
X-Men Fairy Tales Limited Series 1
X-Men/Fantastic Four X4 Limited Series 5
X-Men: First Class Magazine One-shot 1
X-Men First Class: The High Hand One-shot 1
X-Men: First Class v2 Ongoing - Canceled 1
X-Men Forever Alpha One-shot 1
X-Men Free Comic Book Day 2008 One-shot 1
X-Men: Giant Size One-shot 1
X-Men Legacy Ongoing - Canceled 20
X-Men Legacy Annual One-shot 1
X-Men: Legacy v2 Ongoing - Canceled 10
X-Men: Lost Tales Limited Series 1
X-Men: Manifest Destiny Limited Series 2
X-Men: Manifest Destiny: Nightcrawler One-shot 1
X-Men: Messiah CompleX One-shot 1
X-Men Noir: Mark Of Cain Limited Series 4
X-Men: No More Humans One-shot 1
X-Men: Original Sin One-shot 1
X-Men Origins: Emma Frost One-shot 1
X-Men: Phoenix Endsong Limited Series 5
X-Men: Phoenix Force Handbook Other 1
X-Men: Phoenix Warsong Limited Series 5
X-Men: Pixies and Demons - Director's Cut Other 1
X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back Limited Series 3
X-Men: Prelude to Schism Limited Series 4
X-Men: Ragazze in fuga Other 1
X-Men Rarities One-shot 1
X-Men: Regenesis One-shot 1
X-Men: Ronin Limited Series 5
X-Men/Runaways One-shot 1
X-Men: Schism Limited Series 5
X-Men: Second Coming Limited Series 2
X-Men: The 198 Limited Series 5
X-Men: The 198 Files One-shot 1
X-Men: The Characters And Their Universe Other 1
X-Men: The End: Book 1: Dreamers & Demons Limited Series 5
X-Men: The End: Book 2: Heroes & Martyrs Limited Series 5
X-Men: The End: Book 3: Men & X-Men Limited Series 3
X-Men: The Hellfire Club Limited Series 2
X-Men: The Times & Life of Lucas Bishop Limited Series 1
X-Men: The Unlikely Saga of Xavier, Magneto and Stan One-shot 1
X-Men: To Serve and Protect Limited Series 4
X-Men Unlimited v1 Ongoing - Canceled 6
X-Men Unlimited v2 Ongoing - Canceled 7