Generation Hope #15

Generation Hope  #15 cover
Cover Date: 2012-03
Importance: Major
Script: James Asmus
Pencils: Timothy Green II
Inks: Rick Ketcham, Cam Smith
Colors: Jim Charalampidis
Letters: David Sharpe
Characters: Cyclops, Hope Summers, Kenji Uedo, Sebastian Shaw


Emma explains she wiped Shaw's mind because he was too dangerous being held in the X-brig. Hope has a little fit about morals and accuses Emma of sleeping with everyone -- and if they reject every X-membership with everyone she's had sex with, there won't be any man left on Earth. Emma slaps Hope's face and calls her a "wretched little mongrel." Cyclops pacifies the situation and allows Hope to have the mind-wiped Sebastian Shaw on the team. Later, Emma and Cyclops are surprised/scared to see a Phoenix-like fire surrounding Hope as her team battles some scrubs.